TorGuard VPN annonced New Stealth VPN Service to bypass DPI Firewalls

TorGuard VPN has announced new stealth VPN service to bypass Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) firewalls and VPN blocks.

TorGuard VPN stealth technology is “invisible”  for IPS and therefore can’t be filtered or blocked. Normal VPN traffic can be easily filtered or blocked by an ISP, TorGuard Stealth VPN service appears as regular HTTP traffic which makes it virtually impossible to block. This TorGuard Stealth technology enables you to access the web in countries like China, UAE, Iran,  or behind strict corporate wifi networks.

TorGuard Stealth VPN service connection includes increased encryption protocols which makes it the most secure VPN experience possible where ever you are located.

What is TorGuard Stealth VPN service

Many countries with strickt government control like China not only carry out heavy internet censorship imposed on ISP’s. websites, and bloggers they also have very effectiv remedies to reveal and block the use of bypass techniques. China use Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) firewall which is very successful at blocking or severely limiting all standard VPN protocols. For this reason it is important to make sure that your VPN provider will work within China.

TorGuard VPN stealth technology bypass Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) firewalls and VPN blocks also in China. This is accomplished with OpenVPN by wrapping the tunnel in a layer of obfuscation, which then transforms all data back into normal looking traffic. In this way, strict network admins or draconian ISP’s won’t be able to detect or even block VPN usage.

With TorGuard VPN stealth technology you are able to Unblock  websites and Streams no matter what country you live in. With TorGuard Stealth VPN service you can unblock  and use Facebook, Youtube, and Google anonymously.

Stealth VPN technology is included to all clients at no additional charge. To use Stealth technology all you need to do is to select a Stealth enabled server option on the TorGuard lite app.

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