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TorrentPrivacy – Premium Torrent VPN! – NO LOGS – Premium Torrent VPN TorrentPrivacy is a torrent dedicated VPN service that helps make downloading more anonymous.

TorrentPrivacy Review – Premium Torrent VPN

  • Easy to use software
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Europe, USA, Canada, UK Servers
  • OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP protocols

TorrentPrivacy is a torrent dedicated VPN service that helps make downloading more anonymous. There are a number of legal issues that surround artistic ownership of content that is now available online such as movies, tv shows and music. If you are seeking to download content, you have probably landed on the more open side of this debate (or have not looked into the debate), and may face legal action if you are caught violating copy rights. This is why there was a need for anonymous downloading that the creator of decided to fill by creating TorrentPrivacy.

The name of TorrentReactor helps give TorrentPrivacy authenticity. There is a legitimate risk that most of the services that offer anonymous downloading are watched by government agencies looking to enforce copyright laws. The next major concern is set up and download speed.

Torrent Privacy provides its users with a special version of uTorrent, which transfers all the data through the Torrent Privacy servers. This makes the user anonymous. Torrent Privacy requires the installation of software. Usually it can take up to several hours to get similar services up and running, but Torrent Privacy installs and is ready to use in five minutes.

After installing the program you are prompted to choose your connection point. How close the server is to your physical location has an effect on your download speeds. The closer you are, the less distance your data has to travel. Torrent Privacy offers connection points in the US, the UK, Canada and various other points in Europe. After a few seconds to connect, you can launch uTorrent, BitTorrent, Vuze, BitComet or BitLord, all the BitTorrent clients that Torrent Privacy supports. Then you can download as you always have.

The second consideration is speed. With Torrent Privacy you can download almost as fast as you would regularly. There is a slight delay, but there is always going to be a slight lag in speed when you’re using a proxy as you’re adding distance and other users to your connection. The important thing is that Torrent Privacy has heavily invested in ensuring that their connection and download/upload speeds are as fast as possible, and that their users will not suffer time penalties if they choose to use this service.

Lastly is the discussion of pricing. Torrent Privacy is a paid service. Considering it is being marketed towards pirates who are trying to get around paying for various content, any price point at all could be considered unacceptable. However, if you’re willing to pay for a reliable, fast service, you’ll find Torrent Privacy’s pricing fairly reasonable. Torrent Privacy currently has three payment options: $2.95 per week, $9.95 per month and $99.95 per year.

If you’re looking for a dedicated VPN service for BitTorrent downloading/uploading, Torrent Privacy is going to be great option. This service will protect your identity while using BitTorrent platforms, and it won’t significantly slow down your download/upload speeds. It’ll protect you and it works.

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  • free best vpns says:

    The L2TP is recommended for handheld devices such as the Android if
    you want more security than the PPTP because you don’t have
    to jailbreak the device. Hulu will check the origin of your IP address and if it’s from a Non-US range then you will be blocked.
    They will monitor your browsing habits and by doing
    so will be able to capture some of your sensitive information.

  • Tor says:
    1 stars

    I rather use Torguard it has plenty of more functionalities and great customer support.

  • pirate bay says:
    4 stars

    With recent news of prosecution, many people are worried concerning the
    legality around P2P file sharing plus the use of bit-torrent technology.
    Using a P2P file sharing network with a client developed for the i – Phone will allow you to connect to your wealth of content
    and download free music to your i – Phone. However, you may still find so
    many people around that will say they don’t know
    if they should be using VPN or not because they don’t
    know much concerning this but you really need to know that if you are using the web, that is going to be one of many most safest forms for connecting to the web and really the sole way you can connect

  • Kast says:
    5 stars

    Bandwidth Caps – If you’re a big downloader, maybe you have run into a cap somewhere. This is the best strategy for making sure your system is clean.
    However, the only problem with these proxy sites is that they have limited capabilities and therefore are sometimes slow in loading. Therefore I choose Torrent privacy VPN

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