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PureVPN is certainly one of the best when it comes to dependability, high-speeds and affordable pricing.


Of all the many VPN providers that we’ve reviewed in the past PureVPN is certainly one of the best VPN services when it comes to dependability, high-speeds and affordable pricing.

Have you been on the lookout for a trustworthy and dependable VPN provider? Did you just come across PureVPN and are wondering whether they are the right VPN provider to go with? If so, pay close attention here.

The VPN provider market is filled with hundreds of different companies and products at different price points. Nearly all the companies seem to make great claims. But how many of them actually deliver?

If you’ve read some of our reviews in the past, you’ll know that not all VPN providers are created equal. Higher price DOES not necessarily mean a better service.
HideMyAss is a quality VPN provider with premium pricing. But there are also other VPN providers with cheaper pricing that offer a better service.

So it’s very important that you exercise diligence when you choose a VPN provider. We recently heard about PureVPN from one of our users and decided to review the service and let everyone know whether it’s worth it.
The PureVPN website seems to be reputable and truly stands out when compared to many other VPN providers in the market. The website is professional, there’s not much hype and all the information is very relevant.
Like many other VPN providers, PureVPN also has multiple server locations in various parts of the world, offers PPTP and L2TP/IPSec and has multiple packages at different price points.

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PureVPN Key Features:

    • Based in Hong Kong
    • 7 Days Money Back Guarantee
    • 500+ VPN servers in 141 different countries
    • 80,000+ IPs
    • Free SmartDNS


  • Internet Kill Switch
  • NAT Firewall
  • Dedicated IP
  • Desktop and mobile use
  • Multiple pricing packages
  • Accepts PayPal, Credit & Debit Card



PureVPN Pros:

Top Notch Encryption

One of the main selling points of PureVPN is their top notch encryption. PureVPN not only serves single user clients, it also serves huge networks, industrial clients and various other companies that are in need of high bandwidth VPN services.

And as a result, they have state of the art encryption to ensure that hackers cannot get into the network and steal information about their clients. PureVPN supports many protocols such as PPTP, SSTP, L2TP and 128 bit encryption.

Flexible Pricing Plans

There are many VPN providers in the market that have a fixed pricing option for nearly all of their customers. The service you enjoy at these companies isn’t that great either (due to the one size fits all approach).

That’s where PureVPN stands out. PureVPN has flexible plans such as the standard plan, pure gold plan and the unlimited plan. Each of these plans varies depending on your bandwidth requirements. They also offer dedicated IP’s for clients that want a customized IP address.

Standard plan costs $9.95 per month, Pure Gold – $15 a month and Unlimited Plan – $18 a month. It does seem to be expensive at first… but like many other VPN providers, PureVPN offers discounted pricing for longer-term deals ranging from three months to one year.

So if you’re interested, you can give the 3 day trial a try and then opt for a long-term plan. A yearly deal for the Standard Plan costs $74.95, $145 for the Gold Plan & the Unlimited Plan is priced at $160.00.

Servers All Over The World

PureVPN has an established network of over 500 servers in 87 different locations – all countries where high speed internet and enhanced security is possible. Server locations include the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Europe, North America, and South East Asia and so on.

Chat Support

Not all VPN providers have the best support systems in the world. PureVPN stands out when it comes to this aspect. They have an extensive Frequently Asked Questions Section, a support ticketing system and a live forum.

You can interact with other users of PureVPN on the forum and quickly solve any issues that you’re solving. And unlike forums of other VPN providers, the PureVPN forum is extremely active and is always buzzing with activity thanks to moderators and the users.

Desktop and Mobile Use

Setting up PureVPN on your mobile, desktop or any of your devices is extremely easy. They have stand-alone clients for certain operating systems. As for Linux, you may need to manually configure the LAN settings. But there are lots of instructions provided and an extensive chat section is available to help you with your set up. OpenVPN is supported in Beta Mode currently as well.

3 Day Trial

Another feature that makes PureVPN stand out from many other companies is their cheap, non-refundable 3 day trial. You can try out their premium VPN service for as low as $2.50 for a 3 day period. If you’re happy with the service, you can continue or cancel or your subscription.

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PureVPN Cons:

Privacy Policy

Unlike many other VPN providers, PureVPN does not offer a “zero logging” policy which may disappoint certain groups of people. The company promises to NOT release any information related to your account unless required by law-enforcement personnel.

The service is not fully confidential and your activity will be logged. The activity will be shared with law enforcement agencies if necessary. So this could be a con for certain people.

No BitCoins

Another drawback with PureVPN is the type of payment methods accepted. PureVPN only accepts credit card, debit card, PayPal and certain other standard payment systems. They do not accept BitCoins (which some VPN providers do). It can be a drawback for someone that’s looking for 100% anonymity.


Of all the many VPN providers that we’ve reviewed in the past, PureVPN is certainly one of the best when it comes to dependability, high-speeds and affordable pricing. They may not be as cheap as many other providers… but it’s a lot more affordable when compared to many other expensive solutions.


They stand out with great client software, top notch support and an incredibly great service. The only drawback though is that there isn’t a “Zero-Logging” policy and the company does not accept BitCoins as payment.


A 3-Day trial is a great way to try out their service and see for yourself if PureVPN is worth a long-term commitment or not.

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2 Comments/Reviews

  • Bear says:
    1 stars

    I signed up to pureVPN for a year and right from the start I was having problems and support was no help, so I decided to leave within the three days so I could get my money back. Till this day I have not received my money back and it looks like I never will. Stay away from this company like the plague; they will take your money and give you a service that is un-usable.

  • Hannes says:
    1 stars

    Worst VPN ever! Speeds are horrible – not usable inside Mainland China, support only send you automated answers to the FAQ of the website – demanded my money back but no refund, as I opened a file at Paypal they suspended and terminated my account. As I am also based in HK I will involve a lawyer to get my money back – stay tuned.
    Good alternative if you are in China : TorGuardVPN – much better speed and very good service – they will provide “secret” IP addresses to you if you have speed problems at your location.

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