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Price: $7.50/month

BtGuard: ANONYMOUS BITTORRENT SERVICES! If you're looking for a service to help you torrent anonymously then you should definitely look into BTGuard.


BtGuard Review – Premium Torrent VPN

  • No records of usage stored
  • Servers in Canada, Europe and Asia
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Simple download & install
  • Unlimited download speeds
  • VPN includes OpenVPN & PPTP

No matter where you stand on the copyright law debates that are currently sweeping the global market, if you like to torrent media you’re going to want protection. Movie, Television and Music companies have lobbied for increased ability to track down and sue those that violate copyright law. These are very powerful and rich companies that can afford to devote the time and manpower to tracking down violators but there job is much easier when they can clearly track a user’s IP address. Internet Service Providers have also stepped into the debate on the side of the media companies. Too much torrent downloading leads to warnings from the ISP and even termination of service without refund. They will also pass on the user’s information to the lawyers of media companies that are hunting violators. With copyright enforcement becoming a more serious issue, many torrent users are looking for a way to download anonymously, which is why BTGuard has become such a popular service.

BTGuard offers its clients anonymity by masking their IP address when they use torrent services. They route the torrent activity through their own servers so that their IP address is the only one that is seen. Since media companies loiter around torrent services waiting to catch specific IP addresses, routing the traffic through BTGuard makes it impossible for media companies to track specific users. BTGuard also offers their users an encryption tunnel to help sidestep the monitoring activity of ISPs. The content is first downloaded to BTGuard’s servers then encrypted and sent to the user’s computer as a clean data packet. ISP’s can still see that their users are downloading vast amounts of data, but they can not track what that data is, and so the warnings and threats of legal action will stop.

BTGuard, or any other anonymity service, can easily become a trap if they are ordered to release their user’s information. This is why BTGuard has made it against their policy to store any IP addresses. They do not keep track of the traffic of their users, meaning media companies can’t track their users activity through their service. They have also done a good job of maintaining download speeds. They are a Canadian based company, but have expanded to include servers in the EU after recent legislation has significantly increased their clients in the UK and in other countries across Europe. Now the Canadian servers mostly handle US traffic, while more European users are switching to the EU servers, and download speeds are being maintained.

BTGuard offers their services on a monthly basis. They also offer larger packages at 3 months, 6 months and a year subscriptions. The set up is easy, and users are ready to begin downloading minutes after they start the process. They are a fast and reliable service that protects the identity of their users. They do exactly what they advertise and do it well.

If you’re looking for a service to help you torrent anonymously then you should definitely look into BtGuard.

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8 Comments/Reviews

  • free vpn vs paid vpn says:

    The L2TP is recommended for handheld devices such as the Android if you want
    more security than the PPTP because you don’t have to jailbreak the device.

  • hidemyass review says:
    2 stars

    great review for btguard … thank you

  • Greg says:

    Love this service no problems at all. Customer service is awesone. They are happy to answer all of my dumb questions.

  • DisgruntledCustomer says:


    I am aware that you are interested in up-to-date information regarding vpn services; as mentioned within the website.

    I would like to document issues i have come across with btguard.

    Upon further investigation i have discovered that they do not offer aes 256 bit encryption at all, they offer blowfish at 128. Joe blogg could decrypt the traffic. Not only does the configuration files they give their users not choose optimal encryption schemes but it doesnt even allow for certificates to be issued. If you change their configuration file so that the crypto used is aes 256 cbc the connection is not forged and no data parses…. There is no 256bit encryption as mentioned and no certification authorisation. Open to major man in the middle attacks or man on the side attacks and shitty weak encryption.

    Not only that but i cant even use openvpn at all due to how slow it is. I am unable to view a video on youtube, let alone use p2p. If you use pptp instead you cannot even use it set at the most secure configuration, only pptp with the weakest of configurations.

    Overall a pathetic service.

  • smtips says:

    I would not buy this service again. I paid them for a one year plan, and I tried to contact them TWICE many months ago with a legitimate support question, and they completely ignored me. I refuse to do business with a company that has blatant disrespect for the people that pay them. If they can’t even ACKNOWLEDGE A SUPPORT QUESTION, regardless whether they can help with it, then they are simply a faceless ripoff company and I would NEVER pay them again for such ignorance.

    Do NOT buy from these people. They are claiming to provide support but do not have any. They are just taking people’s money and leaving them to fend for themselves. When I pay for something I expect at least an acknowledgement when I need to open a support ticket. Their support does not exist at all.

  • Andre says:

    Have uѕеd thеm fоr а while, speed іs great, i dіd nоt nееd anу support уet аs instructions arе vеrу clear. I usе bоth PPTP аnd OpenVPN аnd bоth work likе а charm. No IP оr logs arе kерt bу thе vendor…

  • Spexx says:

    Works јuѕt fine аnd torrents run аt max speed. Tech support cоuld bе bеtter organised оn thе web site. Encryption module (if used) cаuses failure оf udp trackers, but thiѕ іѕ nоt nесeѕsary unlesѕ ISP throttling іѕ аn issue.

  • Douglas says:

    I havе bеen uѕing BTGuard fоr аbоut 6 months. I havе nеver received а letter. It disconnects оftеn ѕо i usе VPN Watch. I аm lоoking fоr othеr options. It іѕ оftеn vеrу slow. I аm оut оf thе United States. I gеt speeds uѕuаlly betwеen 2kb/s….average 50kb/s аnd max оut аt 300kb/s.

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