How many times have you found yourself in a situation that made you wary of passing personal or important information online? Though the internet is supposed to make it easier for us to communicate there has been a downside to this comfort. Many people have learned how to take advantage of sensitive areas within network security, using this skill for less than moral reasons such as stealing personal identification information as well as financial information. There are many scary things with which somebody can do with, say, your address or social security number. The internet is a quick and simple way to transmit information but it is important to remember you need to keep yourself protected. This can be accomplished through VPN services.

VPN stands for virtual protected network. It is essentially a service that keeps you and your private information protected from prying eyes. Think of it as an alarm system for your computer. One such VPN service is offered through PureVPN which can be found easily enough at www.purevpn.com. In terms of service they offer a variety of plans that ensure different levels of protection for as low as $4.16 with a 3 day money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied. If you act now you can enjoy the benefits of the site’s 6th birthday by receiving VPN services for 65% off. Downloading is simple and easy, providing step-by-step guides and tutorials for a variety of operating systems. Boasting compatibility with systems from Linux to MAC, pure VPN also promises protection for Andriod and iOS devices as well. PureVPN also reaps most of its value from its locale availability. From Russia to Malaysia and even Singapore you can trust that no matter where your travels take you PureVPN will be there to keep you and your information protected. But you do not need to believe me; the testimonials from around the world speak for themselves, singing the praises of PureVPN far and wide. PureVPN is offered in over 19 countries with 300 servers and counting, partnering with many different companies around the globe to further ensure your online protection. Another service they provide that is not advertised by most other VPN services is 24/7 customer support as well as a “live chat” option. If you have any questions or concerns that cannot be answered by their informative website you may be connected directly to a staff member who can resolve whatever issue you may be experiencing.

PureVPN Review

Now that you see where PureVPN protects you I bet you are wondering how PureVPN protects you. The ideas behind how it protects you are quite simple but very crucial when it comes to online security. When connecting to the internet through PureVPN they act as a sort of shield against the technologically unlawful, taking care of any identity theft or hacking attempts before it ever becomes a problem for you. Instead of encrypting your IP address like many VPN services they assign you a new one altogether. By assigning your computer a new and random IP address, either US, Canada, or UK based, PureVPN raises the bar on maintaining privacy as well as anonymity on the internet. They also offer services that will encrypt your person information such as your name and address. More importantly still they encrypt information that could potentially be used to ruin your life like routing numbers to your bank account, user names, and passwords. PureVPN also protects you from cookies and allows an unprecedented level of security when performing acts like online banking from public hotspots. This is of particular importance because wireless access available to the public is often unencrypted and poorly protected by the business itself, making it that much more important that you bring your own protection with you. With all of these forms of protection in mind PureVPN can start to look like the enemy. It may be hard to understand how something that is restricting so many things from getting to you won’t restrict you from using the sites you wish to use. That is a fair assumption but PureVPN allows you to take control of the network. You may go about your internet usage as you wish, blocking and unblocking sites as you see fit. PureVPN’s goal is simply to be blanket of security between you and the predators.

So why is all of this so important, you may ask? To one who has never had their identity stolen or been harassed online this can seem like a very trivial thing to worry about. How could the internet not be safe? Unfortunately the internet is only as honest and safe as the people that are using it. One person may use a gun for very honest reasons like to protect his home. Another may purchase it to gun down a man who owes him money. The same principal is applied to the internet: the user defines the state of things. As was the case with weapons, dishonest and untrustworthy people also found their way to the internet, devising ways to get past stock security in order to steal the information most valuable and important to us. With a few keystrokes a person can gain access to your bank account, know where you live, what you wish to buy from an online shopping site, or which websites you visit the most. They can know when you will be traveling and, how handy, they have your address. Maybe they will stop by while you are out of town and say hello to all of your nice things, and then steal them.

For these reasons and many more online security is very important. The internet is all around us, in our computers, on our phones, and even in our game consoles. With everything we rely on the internet for it would be foolish not to protect ourselves. You spend much of your time in your home and that has an alarm system, why not your internet connection? PureVPN offers services that can keep you safe and protected while enjoying the web as it should be enjoyed, without fear of a thief stealing your valuables without every entering your home or seeing your face. Be smart, protect yourself.

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  • rwy says:
    1 stars

    DO NOT GET THIS! It does not work on mac in China. Support worked with me for months, trying all different protocols and 3rd party openvpn solutions that they thought might be better. After 6 months of headache and wasted time I gave up and paid for a different vpn, which works fine. A lot of people think they are scammers – I don’t think so, they try hard, but their technology just does not work. Look for a better one.

  • flsdk says:
    1 stars

    Dont ever start with PureVPN. They are a ripoff, cant deliver speed. Didnt even reach 10% from my actual speed. Asked for a refund, passed the 500MB data limit, NO REFUND. How can a company use a 500MB data limit in three days? Are we back in 90’s?
    Bought a annual subscription, they dont give a rats ass… Worst provider EVER!

    I offered to pay for a month even if i used it just for 3 hours. They dont care, no refund, at all…
    Never put trust in this company.

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