Purchase HideMyAss Pro VPN with Wallmart and Starbucks Gift Gards

There is great news for HideMyAss VPN US customers. You are now able to purchase Hide My Ass VPN using your Walmart and Starbucks gift cards!
You heard it right! Use your gift cards to purchase HMA! Pro VPN!! Isn’t that just neat!

You ca nown help your friends and loved ones to protect their privacy by purchasing a gift card and  make them able to subscripe to HideMyAss VPN Service. It is a great gift to help your friends to protect their internet privacy and confidential data while on public Wi-Fi networks. This really is a great gift for enyone how lives overseas or travels a lot!

At the moment till 5th January 2015 HideMyAss offers special prices at their festive season sale. You can save up to 57% on an Hide Mya Ass Pro VPN subscriptions.

With over 96,406 IP addresses, 738 VPN servers in 231 locations in 128 countries around the world HideMyAss VPN is a world leading VPN service provider. They offer very fast connections and wide access to blocked content abroad.

The gift card is only available for US customers right now.

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