HideMyAss added New Servers to HideMyAss VPN Network!

HideMyAss has added more servers, IP addresses and countries to their allready huge VPN Network.

HideMyAss has announced that they have added yet more servers on their network. On November HideMyAss VPN network has grown with 20 servers, 2,611 IP addresses and 19 NEW Countries.Here is the list of new Countries:

  • Aruba, Palm Beach
  • Turks and Caicos Islands, Balfour Town
  • Greenland, Ilulissat
  • Dominica, Marigot
  • Bolivia, Santa Cruz
  • Guyana, Barima-Waini
  • Trinidad and Tobago, San Fernando
  • Cayman Islands, Spot Bay
  • Nicaragua, Managua
  • Suriname, Paramaribo
  • Haiti, Cap-Haitien
  • Guatemala, Guatemala City
  • Bahamas, Freeport
  • Paraguay, Boqueron
  • Dominican Republic, Punta Cana
  • El Salvador, San Miguel
  • Belize, Belize City
  • Honduras, Tegucigalpa
  • Cuba, Havana

At the moment HMA VPN Network have 734 servers in 231 locations in 128 countries around the world. They offer total of over 95,910 IP addresses. HideMyAss VPN servers are located all over the world.



Total IP’s

Africa 22 2,341
Asia 49 6,819
Central America 6 806
Europe 260 35,514
North America 371 47,224
Oceania 13 1,653
South America 13 1,553


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  • Christen Theus says:
    5 stars

    To unblock Internet also include activities that will help one to protect their identity.
    Hidemyass provide a solution to the growing concern the general public has
    about privacy and anonymity on the Internet. Many mobile devices have encryption options installed,
    although they are not always automatically switched on.

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