Best Android VPN

Have you been looking for an affordable and fast VPN service that you can use with your android phone? Do you want to learn more about the best VPNs for Android? If so, pay close attention here.

Android’s user base has certainly exploded significantly with more and more smartphone vendors preferring Android Operating Systems over other operating systems. It’s very easy to access the internet via a Wi-Fi or a 3G connection with your Android OS from just about anywhere.

Whether you’re at work, the airport or a cafe, accessing the internet has never been this easier. But as we all know, there are two sides to a coin.
When there’s an advantage, there will be an equal disadvantage. And it’s no different with internet on Android Based smart phones. Internet browsing on Android smart phones is certainly easy. But it’s never been this unsecure. Anyone can almost intercept what you are doing right now, record it and use it to manipulate you.

The truth is… Normal PC based browsing is a lot safer when compared to browsing on an Android Smart Phone (or any smart phone for that matter).

If you’re really concerned about your privacy and want to protect yourself against all threats, it’s strongly recommended that you get yourself a VPN connection for your android phone. There are so many different VPN providers out there in the market. Choosing just about anyone is NOT ideal because there are always complications. While there are so many high quality VPN providers in the PC market (with high specialty encryption software programs for VPN use), it doesn’t seem to be the case with Android VPNs.

Finding a quality VPN service on your own can be challenging and frustrating. But don’t worry.
That’s where we come in. We’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve gone through various Android VPN services in the market and have discovered 2 providers that offer top notch speed and functionality.

Here are the 2 best android VPNs in the market right now…

1. HideMyAss

The problem with many reputable VPN providers in the market is that they haven’t made their systems Android Compatible yet. Even though some of these companies are top notch when it comes to server locations, speed, support and pricing, they do not yet have specialized software that allows you to quickly and easily set up VPN on your Android Smartphone.

But that’s where HideMyAss clearly stands out. HideMyAss is one VPN provider that has been in the market for years together. Its network has slowly grown and it boasts of servers in over 50 different countries.

What makes HideMyAss stand out is the ease of set up it offers for Android Smartphone Users. Setting up HideMyAss VPN on your Android takes just a couple of minutes and you can do it even if you’re no techie.


  • Simple software, extremely easy to use

  • One of the largest networks – 50 different countries, 340 servers

  • Compatible with nearly every type of operating system

  • Restriction-free browsing

  • Ultra fast connection speeds in almost every server and IP


  • Pricey when compared to other VPN providers

Best Android VPN

2. StrongVPN

If you’re interested in an affordable US based android VPN service that you can depend on, StrongVPN is the company to go with. StrongVPN’s huge network hasn’t grown in an instant. Over the years, the company has established itself and now boasts of servers in over 19 countries.

With StrongVPN, you can log in from just about any country including those in North Africa, the Indian Sub Continent and the Middle East. StrongVPN offers three different packages at different price points.

For as low as $7 per month, you can get a quality Android VPN that you can depend on


  • Large network with servers in about 19 countries

  • Android Compatible and restriction free browsing

  • Extremely affordable

  • Gives you over 3,500 IP addresses to choose from

  • Ultra fast connection from almost any country

  • Three different packages (PPTP), OpenVPN and Premium

  • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Set up in US and therefore, there’s a chance of your activity being recorded using timestamp methods
  • Collects your email to send promotional emails to you (not from a third party, but from themselves)

Best Android VPN